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The Day The Eagle Cried
In Steadfast Memory of 9/11/01. By Tah-nee A. Holloway 2002-09 ARR
A beautiful morning, that September dawn,
The sun shining down, life strolling along,
Children eating breakfast, mom straightening dad's tie,
Not knowing how shortly the nation would cry "why?"
Too soon the pain coming would be realized,
This was the day the eagle would cry...
Planes flying closely, their intent we'd soon know,
With loved ones held captive by terrorist foe,
Through one crash, then another, the towers did sway,
They tumbled and crumbled, then gave away,
Tears streamed down, hearts broke inside,
It was the day the eagle cried...
Sirens screaming, smoke climbed the skies,
Our heros ran quickly with tears in their eyes,
Firefighters determined to find & rescue,
Worked side by side with their brothers in blue,
But one loss after another, the numbers did tally,
Soul after soul walked through the Valley,
As viewers sat glued to their sets nationwide,
That terrible day the eagle cried...
The terror this day had only begun,
Still more crashes came, the tragedy not done,
The assassins continued, more pain they'd inflict,
The heart of the Pentagon would be their next hit,
Soon after brave passengers would falter their plan,
As their plane crashed down on Pennsylvania land,
Instead of the White House, believed the next site,
The eagle cried out as more people died...
Years gone by, the pain is still real,
But steadily God touches us, and we begin to heal,
We'll not ever forget, the memory lives on,
Our prayers continue, our faith keeps us strong,
With His Word to guide us, the horizon's in sight,
In spite of their efforts, together we'll fight,
No terror how great can make us divide,
Not even the day the eagle cried.


We Will Never Forget

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