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ERS Emergency Responder Services, Inc. is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity as well as strict observance and compliance with the laws and regulations governing its business operations.

In order to further its commitment to these legal and ethical standards and establish an environment that promotes legal and ethical behavior, ERS adopted this Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. The Code clearly defines ERS's values and behavioral expectations for every employee of the Company, and is a condition of employment. We place the utmost importance on the observance of these principles.

ERS is committed to a policy of vigorous, lawful, and ethical competition which is based on the merits of our products and services. We will maintain the trust of our customers and vendors by developing and/or providing high-quality products and services in a fair, ethical, and legal manner, and while we may offer personal recommendations on particular products or services in order to better serve our customers’ needs, we will strive to always maintain a fair and neutral position in regards to the variety of manufactured products that we offer. Our recommendations are always based on what will best suit the needs of our clients.

We will maintain our customers’ trust by striving to ensure that our sales materials, advertisements, and other communications accurately and fairly describe our products and services. Our ultimate goal is outstanding customer satisfaction.

We will promote our products and services through fair and accurate comparisons with our competitors. To further promote fairness in both competition as well as services to our clients, ERS is fully prepared to suggest competitors’ products when it is determined to be in the best interest of our customers and their needs. We will not discourage or refuse the use of a competitor’s product based on their status as a competitor within our economic relations. It is our intent, that the needs of our customers are above all else, and that we will strive to do our best to meet those needs regardless of our position, or our competitors’ in the market.

It is the policy of ERS to comply with all applicable antitrust and competition laws. These laws are very complex, but, in general, they prohibit agreements or conduct that may unlawfully reduce competition or restrain trade, including conspiracy in restraint of trade and any attempt to monopolize any part of trade or commerce. They also prohibit tort interference with economic relations, exclusive dealing arrangements, slander, and malicious actions that are deemed as anti-competitive practices. This means that it is also unlawful to threaten or intimidate potential or existing customers and/or vendors to ensure that said customers and/or vendors remain loyal to one entity. These laws are intended to provide a variety of products and services at competitive prices, and protect both the consumer as well as fair competition between entities.

In compliance with state and federal antitrust regulations and fair competition laws,

We will avoid all contracts, agreements, and understandings which unlawfully reduce or eliminate competition or the production or sale of products or services.

We will refuse any agreements with competitors to establish or fix prices or to divide or allocate markets either by market segment, geography, or by any other means.

We will exercise special care to ensure that our discussions and activities with representatives of other companies are in compliance with antitrust laws.

We will compete fairly. Information about competitors, customers, and vendors is a valuable asset in a highly competitive market. However, no illegal or unethical means of obtaining this information will be tolerated. No information should be sought or used that would violate antitrust laws or laws and contracts protecting proprietary data.

There is a broad discretion to decide with whom an entity will do business with as long as there are specific and legitimate business reasons that are not engaged in anti-competitive practices. Refusal, or the threat of refusal, to do business with a particular producer, vendor, or customer without a specific and legitimate business reason in most cases is illegal. For example, the threat of withholding, or refusal of doing business with a particular producer, vendor, or customer for reason of preventing said producer, vendor, or customer from doing the same or similar business with a competitor in an effort to restrict competition in restraint of trade, is an unlawful anti-competitive practice. Further, monopolizing, or an attempt to monopolize, any part of trade or commerce is a violation of antitrust laws.

We will not participate in, entertain, or tolerate any attempt at the involvement in any illegitimate business actions conducive of unfair or predatory acts, conspiracy to commit a monopolization in any form of any trade or commerce, or any unlawful means of unreasonable restraint on trade.

ERS is founded on core values.

INTEGRITY that drives our commitment to provide quality services and our commitment to honest, forthright and respectful relations with our customers, vendors, and competitors.

RESPONSIBILITY that makes us accountable for, and accept the consequences of, our behavior. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We can be relied upon to perform our job duties honestly and efficiently. We are all responsible for adhering to the highest legal and ethical standards.

MUTUAL RESPECT that creates a work environment based on teamwork, encouragement, trust, concern, and honest and responsive communication among all employees.

CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP that mandates that we operate our business in a manner that respects and obeys all applicable laws and regulations governing our business and that we participate in activities intended to improve the quality of life in our community.

It is the hope of ERS that other entities will follow our example and adopt a similar Code of Conduct and Fair Competition Policy & Integrity Standard in regards to business ethics, fair trade regulations, and antitrust laws, and that any potential or existing breech or violations of these laws will be both retracted and discontinued immediately.

It is strongly advised that entities who have been approached in an unlawful manner in an attempt to coerce or otherwise be involved in unfair trade practices, or a conspiracy to monopolize any part of trade or commerce, should contact the FTC immediately to ensure protection from involvement in these illegal activities.

Individuals or entities with questions regarding unfair and predatory acts involving malicious actions to cause deliberate damage, and in acting in the conscious disregard of the effect with intent to injure by substantially lessening competition by unlawful restraint of trade in anti-competitive practices, can obtain information by contacting the Federal Trade Commission.

Via email: antitrust@ftc.gov  ,

Via phone: (202) FTC-HELP / (202) 382-4357 , or

Via mail: Office of Policy and Evaluation, Bureau of Competition, FTC, Washington, D.C. 20580

Individuals or entities who have concerns or knowledge about potential antitrust implications or antitrust practices specifically against our company are both encouraged and advised to Contact Us.

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