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-ICOP® Model 20/20: Digital Video Recording System:

In-Dash System (nothing in the trunk)

  Below is the listing of the standard features of each "Complete System":
  1. Mounts in standard (AM/FM) radio slot (nothing in the trunk)
  2. Built-in AM/FM radio
  3. Pre-event recording: Up to 60 seconds (with 2 cameras simultaneously)
  4. 20 GB hard drive (up to 8 hours of real-time recording in high-res mode [30 fps], or 16 hours in extended play mode)
  5. Built-in GPS, with continuous lat/long display
  6. "Mark" exact event locations (with GPS)
  7. Removable hard drive in shock resistant case
  8. Password-protected electronic lock on face plate
  9. One Sony color camera (and a second available), and one low-light rear seat camera
  10. In-vehicle classification codes, for easy search and retrieval
  11. Wireless 900 MHz transceiver, with automatic activation (range: 1,000 feet; with belt clip)
  12. The Wireless Mic uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Narrow band FM, which provides excellent privacy, security, and avoidance of interference
  13. "Officer HELP" button sends alert to dispatch, with GPS coordinates and Vehicle ID (where compatible)
  14. Dual channel audio with independent playback (external and internal microphone)
  15. 3.8" TFT "Sunview" monitor with brightness adjustment
  16. Backlit control panel, with LED indicator lights and brightness adjustment
  17. Record manually, or activate automatically with lights, siren, or wireless microphone
  18. Proprietary software to prevent unauthorized access and editing of video
  19. Easy-to-use menu, for customized setup
  20. Radar, speedometer, brake connection interface (where compatible)
  21. ICOP Model 20/20 unit software is upgradeable for future updates through USB Port
  22. Chargers for the Wireless transceiver / mic are included: one built-in charger, one cigar plug charger, and one 110 V. outlet charger

Additional Parts are required for your ICOP Model 20/20, as follows:

One Docking Station (hardware used to download data from hard drive)

The ICOP Server is an industrial grade scalable computer which includes the preloaded ICOP Video Management System software:

  SQL Database
Search files by date/time, Officer ID, or events
Duplicate files to DVD, CD, AVI, or VHS tape
Automatic archive to DVD or hard drive
Keeps all meta data for all files recorded to DVD, CD, or VHS
Configurable file management (for archiving and file storage)
Secure database access and Chain of Custody
Auto-reports on search criteria

Label Maker (for printing labels for DVDs/CDs)

Additional parts may be required for installation in certain vehicles.

One of the many unique and valuable features of the ICOP Model 20/20 is its simplicity for installation and servicing. The entire unit fits in the dash of the vehicle, with nothing in the trunk.

Removable Hard Drive is "Password Protected", and is enclosed in a shock-resistant case, behind the Control Panel.

Unit comes standard with one Sony color camera (40:1 zoom), and one backseat low lux wide-angle camera.

900 MHz wireless audio transceiver: 1000 feet maximum operating range, Internal Mic, 24 hours of operation, Automatic sync. "Officer Help" feature sends a silent message with GPS coordinates to dispatch.

Docking Station enables fast and secure transfer of captured video to computer via USB 2.0

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