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We offer access to, and install, the following list of products by Setina®. Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know, it may simply not be listed. If it's not something we normally offer, we'll do our best to get it for you. We welcome your requests and suggestions.

Please contact our Estimate Dept. for a quote on current pricing information, and further information regarding various models available and product options. Pricing is not guaranteed and is subject to change.


                                - SLIDING SERIES
                                             - 10-S HORIZONTAL SLIDING
                                             - 10-C HORIZONTAL SLIDING
                                             - 9-S VERTICAL SLIDING
                                - STATIONARY SERIES
                                             - 8-S STATIONARY
                                             - 7-S STATIONARY
                                             - 6/7-S STATIONARY
                                             - 6-S STATIONARY
                                - FOLD-DOWN SERIES
                                             - 5/8-S FOLD-DOWN
                                             - 5-S FOLD-DOWN
                         - RECESSED PANEL PARTITIONS*
                         - VAN-PARTITION SERIES
                                              - 10-VS VAN HORIZONTAL SLIDING
                                              - 8-VS VAN STATIONARY
                                              - 7-VS VAN STATIONARY
                                              - 6-VS VAN STATIONARY
                                              - 12 REAR COMPARTMENT
                         - CANINE SERIES
                                               - 9-K CANINE
                                               - K-9 CANINE KENNEL
                         - FULL LOWER EXTENSION PANEL
                         - BUCKET SEAT PANEL
                         - RECESSED STORAGE RETROFIT


                         - THE BODYGUARD® PB100
                         - THE BODYGUARD® PB200
                         - THE BODYGUARD® PB300
                         - PB5 - FENDER PROTECTOR
                         - PB 400

-SETINA® BODYGUARD® Barriers & Panels:

                         - WINDOW BARRIER
                         - DOOR PANEL
                         - SKID & TRANSMISSION PLATES
                         - BUCKET SEAT PANEL
                         - FULL LOWER EXTENSION PANEL

-SETINA® BODYGUARD® Weapon Systems:

                         - WEAPON SYSTEM
                         - WEAPON SYSTEM RETRO KIT
                         - DOUBLE MOUNT WEAPON SYSTEM

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